It seems that the new buzzword when it comes to touting the quality of a display on a piece of consumer electronics would be the pixel density, and the higher it is, the better, of course. Well, Epson might have the jump on the iPad’s 264 pixels-per-inch or the Google Nexus 10′s 299 ppi displays, considering how they have managed to roll out a new display that boasts a whopping 2,667 ppi. Before you start scratching your head and wonder just when did Epson start to roll out tablets, the thing is, this display is meant to fulfill the function of a camera viewfinder, so forget about seeing this on a tablet, smartphone or TV.

The new Epson display comes with a 1,024 x 768 pixel resolution in the form of a 0.48” high-temperature polysilicon TFT color display. According to Epson, it is more than bright enough to view outdoors, which is important when you consider how many times you capture photos under bright light conditions. The display will be part of Epson’s Ultramicron line where it boasts a surface luminance of 520 cd/m2, and the RGB display is capable of showing off 16.77 million colors.

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