[CES 2013] I am quite sure that many of us were impressed when we first stumbled upon the Youm flexible OLED display by Samsung at CES this year, and it seems that during Samsung’s presentation of the Youm flexible OLED display, there was a prototype Windows Phone-powered device as well. You can check that out in the video above, although do be forewarned that the video’s quality leaves plenty to be desired. Very little, if not no information can be garnered from the video other than the fact that such a flexible OLED display is very, very real, and assuming other factors such as the market’s preparedness as well as pricing structure proves to be right, then we should be able to check out flexible smartphones on store shelves in due time.

What kind of applications do you think would flexible OLED displays work best in? Also, just which of the major mobile operating systems do you think would be able to thrive with a flexible OLED display in the new world?

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