Fujitsu has just announced that they have come up with a spanking new kind of technology that makes it possible for one to transfer files between a computer and a mobile device not through a cable or Bluetooth connectivity, but by using a mobile phone or tablet that will capture a video of a file which is shown on a computer screen. Based on Fujitsu Laboratories’ previously developed intermediary image communications technology, this basically allows “communication” between a computer’s screen and a mobile device through the superimposing of invisible communications data into images which can then be captured by a mobile phone camera.

This superimposition will carry details such as IP addresses and other device-specific information which remains invisible to the naked eye, and the technology is more than capable of identifying the target computer whenever the user captures a video of the screen using the mobile phone’s camera. There will be a communications path created between the target machine and mobile phone which is then established, and the file transfer will begin. No longer do you need to sift through a menu that contains the specific file which you want to transfer, making life a whole lot easier. Hopefully this will include some sort of failsafe so that not everyone can do the same when you are not looking.

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