We reported on GameStick yesterday, and after finding itself on Kickstarter for two days, it has already reached its $100.000 it was attempting to raise in 30 days. This leads us to believe either there are a lot of gamers out there with extra cash to burn, even after the holidays have ravaged most of our wallets, or many people believed in the future portable gaming device.

The $79 “console” is nothing more than a stick that resembles a USB flash drive with an HDMI connector that allows you to plug it into your HDTV’s HDMI port in order to access it. At this point, the GameStick’s developers are claiming they have identified around 200 games that will run well on the device, although they’re hoping for their library to include over 700,000 Android games. In addition to the GameStick, those who decided to back the campaign enough to buy themselves a GameStick will also receive a bluetooth controller.

Seeing how the Ouya just started shipping out its console to developers last week, we’re curious how long it’ll take for the GameStick to make its way to the hands of developers and customers who believed in a future Android console that would be more portable than its controller.

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