[CES 2013] NVIDIA’s bigwig, Jen Hsun-Huang, has just announced the GeForce Experience (GFE), a way to make your video card smart enough to detect the settings on your computer before applying the optimal playable settings on your behalf, so that you need not tweak the details on your own when the game is launched.


A demonstration of the GeForce Experience showed Call of Duty running right out of the box. Sure it is playable, but NVIDIA says that it is nowhere near optimal. With just a single click, GeForce Experience will optimize the settings of the game, and from us at the showfloor, the difference is definitely obvious.

I do wonder however, pro-gamers would want the smoothest framerates possible, and sometimes, that would mean turning down all of the unnecessary graphical details that tend to add to the visual “clutter”, if you get what I mean. I clearly remember my heydays when I played Quake 3 with r_picmip tweaked to the bare minimum in order to maximize the framerate on my machine regardless of how amped up it is. It makes it easier to see the opponent, and get to get your rail shots in easier with a flick of the wrist.

Clearly, GeForce Experience will cater to the masses who are just too lazy to be bothered to tweak the settings of their games. Humanity, my friends, is clearly heading down the point of no return. In the future, folks would expect to get hooked up with someone else and without doing anything, hope that the relationship would be “optimized.” Perhaps I am taking this example a bit too far, but don’t you feel that we are being dumbed down unnecessarily?

Still, credit where credit is due, for the hundreds of man years spent by the engineers over at NVIDIA to make setting up your graphical quality of your computer game with just a single click. It does not sound as though things could get any simpler, but who knows what the future holds?

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