A unidentified hacker in Japan is driving the state’s National Police Agency (NPA) crazy. Japanese policemen recently uncovered a memory card strapped into a cat’s collar. The cat was found wandering on an island in Toyko. Policemen believe the memory card held clues to the hacker’s notorious creation – a malware dubbed as the “Remote Control Virus,” which basically allowed the hacker to send out threats online while avoiding detection. On New Year’s day, messages were sent out to media outlets, inviting them to a new game which offered them the chance for a big scoop. It contained a number of complex puzzles, which eventually led the police to the cat.


The hacker has recently posted threats to a government website stating that the person posting the threat will commit mass murder in a popular shopping area. He or she has also made threats to blow up a famous shine in Japan, and even sent an email to an airline company threatening to bomb an aircraft. The situation went from bad to worse when the hacker threatened a school attended by the grandchildren of Emperor Akihito. This prompted the NPA to offer a bounty of 3 million yen to those who can provide vital information about the hacker’s whereabouts. This is the first time that a bounty has been offered for cybercrime in Japan.

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