[CES 2013] At CES 2013 HP is launching a new 27″ LCD IPS monitor under the Envy brand. The HP Envy 27″ display has been designed to look good on a desk, and one of the primary objectives of the designers was to make the bezels very thin. It’s hard to see on the photos, but if you’re not familiar with the IPS display technology, it is a type of LCD display which has been optimized for having great view angles and color reproduction. For example, mobile devices like the iPad use an IPS display. At the moment, this is one of the best technology available for large displays as OLED is simple too expensive at that size.Image quality is not the only… quality of this monitor. HP has included Beats audio technology in here, and some speakers on the back of the screen. As a result, users should experience a sound that is significantly better than on most integrated solutions.

HP has used an interesting stand design, which gives the impression that the display is floating on the desk. It just looks very clean, and different from most monitors. Well, this one has to earn its “Envy” name, right? Right underneath the screen, there are capacitive media controls buttons, which are back-light, which is a nice touch. In the back, you will find the classic connectivity options, including Audio In, VGA, HDMU, Optical audio out.

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