Is it me or have teens around me started to turn to non-iOS devices these days? Maybe a year or two ago, you could expect just about everyone to own an iPhone, but these days on my personal observations, I have realized that there are more Android phones being used by teens. It seems that these observations are shared by others, such as the Buzz Marketing Group’s Tina Wells who told Forbes that “Teens are telling us Apple is done.” Apparently Apple has done a stellar job in attracting the older generation to their products, and in the process it looks like teens have started to turn to alternatives, such as the Microsoft Surface tablet and Android devices.

This isn’t the first marketing survey to suggest such a decline, and other surveys have shown that teens who still want an iPhone have dropped, and Android manufacturers such as Samsung have risen on the polls. Wells has suggested a variety of reasons why the popularity of the iPhone might have dropped, attributing some of the reasons to glitches in Apple’s products and services such as Siri and Apple Maps, along with efforts by Apple’s competitors who have created ads to make Apple’s products seem like they’re more for older users, rather than being a hip and “cool” device usually favored by teens. What do you guys think? Has Apple started to lose its cool factor amongst teens?

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