JVC Mobile Entertainment, obviously a spin-off from parent company JVC, has just announced their MirrorLink receiver that offers seamless smartphone control as it will integrate your Android-powered smartphone to a JVC receiver, letting you enjoy an optimized driving environment. The new MirrorLink enabled In-Dash Multimedia Receivers (KW-NSX1, KW-NSX600, and KW-NSX700) for Android or Symbian smartphones have just debuted, where it will play nice with both the Samsung Drive Link application or Nokia Symbian phones by making use of the Car Mode Application that will duplicate the phone/app display screens onto the head unit’s 6.1-inch monitor.

This means you end up with a user-friendly gateway that lets you access a variety of apps for music playback, car navigation, and hands-free telephone communication. Some of the more innovative features of the Drive Link and Car Mode MirrorLink applications include full control and access of hands-free phone operation in the vehicle and a head unit or smartphone control capability. Hey, we are always up for any device that will help increase productivity as well as reduce risks, especially when you are behind the wheel which rightfully demands your full attention.

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