You know, it seems to be that the number of people who actually read books these days have dwindled, with the advent of portable electronics and the Internet that ushered an age of digital information. When combined, we end up with information right at our fingertips, and reading books has become passe – heck, even e-book readers are coming into age, as more and more people adopt this method of media consumption. For those who still prize their paper tomes, here are the $30 Katana Bookends which you will surely appreciate.

You need not be a ninja to own the Katana Bookends, and whoever drops by your place should fall in love with what you have done, making sure that all your books remain nice and upright, and yet are sandwiched by the Katana Bookends for that improved aesthetics. Out later this March, the length of the “katana” really depends on how long your bookshelf is, as well as the number of books you have.

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