Just like how there are rumors of Apple looking to move away from Samsung to reduce their dependence of the South Korean company for some of their parts, there are now reports by a South Korean publication who claims that LG Display is looking to move away from Apple in what seems like an ironic twist. As we’re sure some of you guys have heard, Apple’s shares have dropped recently and apparently LG Display is a bit worried about that, and the report claims that the company is looking to reduce their dependence on Apple for business due to a “bleak future forecast”. This is rather interesting as apparently 70% of LG Display’s profits for 2012 came from Apple, so we figure it might take LG Display a while before they will be able to fill that void – assuming that this report is to be believed, of course. The South Korean publication goes on to claim that LG Display will instead be working with new clients who will require components such as FPR-type 3D TV panels and WRGB OLED panels for 2013. Since neither LG nor Apple has come forward to make an official statement regarding this matter, we will be taking this with a grain of salt for now and suggest you do the same.

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