Word on the street (in particular, online portfolios and CVs) do point towards the possibility of LucasArts coming up with an unannounced title – where hopefully, it will not remain that way for too long. Timothy Longo would be the project’s Creative Director, and this is a role that he stepped into after he left Crystal Dynamics as the Tomb Raider Franchise Director. Since then, he has been hard at work on an “unannounced project” since April a couple of years ago, or so that is what his Linkedin page indicated.

So far, there have been a fair number of speculations on what could be and what isn’t, and Star Wars: First Assault is not likely, and Star Wars 1313 is also not quite it, too. Chances are, it could be a First Person Shooter (FPS) since the Linkedin profile of Edward Kay, someone who has been working at LucasArts since September 2011, did mention “an unannounced first person shooter project for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.” This leaves us with a Star Wars FPS, which isn’t a new idea, but previous iterations have been thoroughly enjoyable.

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