[CES 2013] Let’s be realistic and assume you don’t want a simple cell phone that is able to stand by for 15 years and you’d prefer a energy-draining smartphone in your pocket at all times. The last thing you want to do when you need to charge your phone is to look for your cable as many of us are probably not very organized. You need a product where you can harness the power of magnets to help charge your device, and Magnetyze is just the magnet-harnessing system for you.

BuQu has been offering its Magnetyze system for some time now as it has been offering new cases for the system as additional phones are made available. The latest case they’re showing off at CES this year is for the iPhone 5 as its tailored to the form factor and new Lightning connector the device has.

The package BuQu will make available in Q2 2013 comes with a Magnetyze protective case, a desk stand and a magnetic charging / data sync cable. Its iPhone 4/4S system was available late last year for $69.99, so we’re assuming the iPhone 5 system will be available for around that price as well.

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