This past weekend, my wife and I went to watch Django Unchained, which was the first movie we had watched in over two months since the majority of our November and December was spent suffering from various illnesses including the flu. The movie had some humorous moments, as well as some brutal ones that would have been ruined if a cellphone had accidentally rang during the film. It’s safe to say the majority of people who attend movies know to silence their phones, but some completely forget and according to a recently discovered patent, Microsoft could be planning to make it easy for us to have our phones silenced depending on our location.

The technology Microsoft has patented is called “Inconspicuous Mode” and it is a setting that can put a mobile device into a stealth mode depending on your location as well as ambient light. The patent also says while in Inconspicuous Mode, your mobile device can adjust both its audio and visual levels when after in analyzes how much light is hitting it.

We’re hoping whatever this patent makes itself available on knows the difference between the darkness inside a movie theater and the darkness inside of a moving vehicle as missing calls or notifications outside of a movie theater would annoy anyone.

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