Microsoft Surface RT Review

The store needs to be beefed up, quickly

Just last week, we brought you word that Microsoft is looking into expanding their Surface range – a move that I would highly recommend, since the Surface tablet does not seem to be doing gangbusters at all in the market. There were analysts in recent weeks who predicted doom and gloom for the Surface, and another analyst has decided to step forward, touting that the Surface tablet could very well have sold just as few as 230,000 units.

Citigroup analyst Walter Pritchard did not carry an optimistic streak with him, touting the number between 700,000 and 800,000 Surface tablets sold, while Goldman Sachs analyst Heather Bellini proved to offer far more depressing figures at just 230,000 units as mentioned above. Bellini’s calculated that Microsoft picked up around $140 million in Surface tablet revenue, and “assuming they all sold with a keyboard and thus had an average price point of $580 would yield approximately 230,000 units.” Let’s say that no one picked up a keyboard, the sales total would still be unable to breach the 300,000 units mark. What do you think the Surface needs to be a success?

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