When touch-screen devices were thought of, it was much easier for them to have our fingertips to manipulate these devices than it was our fingernails. Seeing how many people tap things with their fingertips rather than their nails, we could see another reason why that’d be the ideal input method for touch-screen devices. But we admit there are a number of you out there who enjoy long fingernails and would love to be able to use them to interact with your touch-screen device rather than tilting your finger up in order manipulate with your smartphone.

Nano Nails is looking to make the dream of using your fingernails to interact with your smartphone or tablet a reality by placing a stylus under your fingernail. Nano Nails’ manufacturer will make their fingernail add-on available in full press-on nail or as a nail tip accessory in a package of four or six for approximately $10. You’ll be able to place the Nano Nails on yourself, or you can go to a salon in order to have them put on.

Nano Nails should be released this May, which is just the right time for you to pick them up along with your Spring / Summer design, that is, if you take your smartphone use serious and would prefer to interact with it with your nail rather than your fingertip.

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