Officials from the Scottish Prison Service approved the request to post a 17-minute video of a convicted man passing a prison-administered polygraph test on YouTube. 24-year old Luke Mitchell of Edinburgh, Scotland, was charged with the murder of his 14-year old girlfriend in 2004.

Although Mitchell has long denied the accusation, the Scottish court declared him guilty and has sentenced him to life in prison. In April last year, the British Polygraph Association conducted a polygraph test on Mitchell to find out the real truth behind the story. In the series of tests conducted, British Polygraph Association secretary Terry Mullins concluded that Mitchell was telling the truth.

Since then, supporters of Mitchell have been asking authorities to give them permission to post the video to the public in order to gain support. The request was finally approved last week, and the video went live on YouTube on Saturday. “It’s absolute. I can’t believe Luke Mitchell was convicted on the evidence that was available,” secretary Terry Mullins said.

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