Google’s naming convention for their Android mobile operating system has stuck to desserts that follow the alphabetical order, and just last December, it seems that the Android Key Lime Pie name has been confirmed as the next Android version. Well, here is another “confirmation” of sorts as the world continues to wait for what comes after Android 4.1 Jelly Bean was introduced at Google I/O in June last year. Apparently, a bunch of leaked Qualcomm roadmaps not only mentioned a particular “K-release” of Android, but it also spelt out the “Key Lime Pie” name to boot.

Apart from the name’s confirmation, there were also a bunch of timetables that listed down just when we can expect Key Lime Pie to arrive, with spring being mentioned a couple of times (that would be somewhere between March and June, generally speaking), with plans for Key Lime Pie-powered devices arriving in the market from the third quarter of the year. Thing is, there was some speculation that Android 6.0 will be Key Lime Pie instead of Android 5.0. Ah well, I guess we will just have to wait as the year progresses to know more.

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