When the Samsung Galaxy S3 was introduced to the masses In May last year, it came with a wide array of features that did impress certain segments of the smartphone kingdom, and I am quite sure that “Smart Stay” did carve out a legion of fans by itself, as the front camera works to know whether your eyes are open and staring at the screen, so that it will not turn off the screen. Well, there are new trademark names in tow that do seem to indicate that Samsung is currently developing more features where the front-facing camera is concerned. Both “Eye Pause” and “Eye Scroll” are said to be upcoming features from Samsung, and it remains to be seen just how those will work when revealed. Perhaps the front-facing camera will detect where your eyes are looking at when text on a page, knowing whether to scroll up or down automatically. That’d be swell, but won’t it be rather taxing on the phone’s battery life if it had to process that all the time?

No idea on when these will see action on our smartphones, but as usual with new-fangled features, the common answer would always be “sooner rather than later”, and the same applies this time around.

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