The Superbowl is just days away and many sports and non-sports fans will come together to enjoy a championship football game, chips with an insane amount of dip selections and, of course, commercials.

For years now, companies have chosen the Superbowl as their moment to reveal a new commercial for whatever product they’d like to promote. We’ve seen classic commercials from Budweiser, Doritos and Snickers over the years, and this year, Samsung is planning on to run an ad during the Superbowl which we expect is to further promote its Samsung Galaxy devices.

Airing a commercial during the Superbowl these days isn’t enough as now we have teasers to help promote the commercials. One such teaser was released recently for Samsung that stars Seth Rogan, Paul Rudd and Jon Favreau. In the teaser, the three are discussing potential ideas for Samsung’s upcoming commercial. In the first five seconds, they hit a snag as Favreau tells Rudd and Rogan the term “Superbowl” can’t be used, as it’s trademarked.

The rest of the teaser offers an entertaining look at how exactly Rudd and Rogan will tiptoe their way around talking about the Superbowl without actually saying the word.

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