I know that the world is geared up to see just what RIM can offer at the end of this month with BlackBerry 10, and with changes made on their online app store, interesting times are definitely ahead of us, but here is word that the WeChat service from Tencent is now available on the BlackBerry platform, and hopefully, it will be compatible with the newly released BlackBerry 10 operating system when the time comes. Just to get an idea, WeChat is a cross-platform service that allows users to communicate with one another across mobile devices without being bogged down by the kind of mobile operating system that they use.

In fact, WeChat’s growth rate has been phenomenal to say the least, taking just half a year to go from 100 million to 200 million user accounts, and they are going to touch the 300 million user accounts landmark in due time if things go well. Now that WeChat has arrived on BlackBerry, it claims to be the first and only application available on all mobile platforms. Do you concur with that, or is there a dispute over this claim?

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