Flying cattle class, or rather, economy class if you were to use the proper term, is not something that most folks enjoy, but simply because of cost considerations, there is no other choice. Thing is, are there better ways to make flying economy class more comfortable? Malaysia-based engineering student Alireza Yaghoubi figured out that this is a proverbial broken wheel that needs to be fixed, and the AirGo concept of a new economy class air passenger seat design intends to reduce the overall cost of seats, making it a whole lot easier to maintain and more comfortable, too.

According to Yaghoubi, he thought up of the AirGo design after being subjected to the cramped conditions of economy class whenever he flew. Neck pain, poor blood circulation and backaches are common symptoms of economy class passengers, and the AirGo Economy Class Cabin can be said to deliver salvation. It is a whole lot more ergonomic, less intrusive on other passengers, and of course, more economically viable compared to what we have today. Each seat will occupy an independent space which will not impose on the other passengers, while offering similar comfort levels as that of a First Class seat. An individual locker above each passenger will replace the standard shared bins, and a tray and touchscreen have also been independently mounted on arms, making it a snap to move and to be configured. Heck, if you do not need it, just fold it away.

A back support made up of a nylon mesh will conform to your body, preventing passengers from sweating, while the footrest remains integral to the AirGo seat. It is said that the AirGo is 200% more space efficient compared to First Class, and requires a mere 16% more space than a conventional Economy Class seat.

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