So we’ve all seen various concept videos of what Apple’s next-gen iPhone should (realistically or not) look like with features such as a laser keyboard being suggested. It seemed a little far-fetched, or is it? Well according to the folks at Patently Apple, they have discovered an Apple patent which was revealed Apple’s plans for a future iPad which could come with a section where a laser keyboard would be projected out, allowing users to type out documents, emails and etc. on any flat surface! While we’re not sure how much better this would compare to the virtual keyboard, having a laser keyboard would most definitely free up some screen real estate, allowing you to type out emails and documents more comfortably.

Of course this being a patent, there is no indication if Apple would ever go for such an idea. It could merely be a concept that Apple toyed around with, or it could be an option that they are seriously considering. Either way don’t get your hopes up just yet, but for those rooting for the laser keyboard, take some comfort that the Cupertino has at the very least thought about it. What do you think? Yay or nay on the laser keyboard?

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