Social media has become quite useful in our daily lives with several features that have enriched our lives. Gathering people, sending out notices for events, sharing pictures has changed the way we communicate with one another. However Anna Lamb-Creasey is one person who is furious at the police for using the popular social networking website Facebook to inform her of her son’s death.

On January 24th, Ricky Lamb was killed when he got hit by a car and his body was shifted to the morgue. Meanwhile his mother Anna Lamb-Creasey became worried and tried searching for him but didn’t find any sign of him and started contacting hospitals and jails. Police of Clayton County tried to locate her through “traditional methods” and ended up sending her a message on Facebook. Unfortunately the message ended up in her “Other” messages folder, simply because it was sent by a Facebook account run by the name of “Misty Hancock” which is not on the friends list of Lamb-Creasey.

Lamb-Creasey is furious with the police for not getting the message through to her using more conventional methods.  She also believes that the message could have been sent from an official profile which would have been taken seriously.  The intent of the police officer who thought up the idea of sending the message seems good, however the way in which the message was delivered will remain questionable.

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