A police officer on a high powered motorcycle is a deadly combination, even more so when the police officer is the T-1000 in disguise. Well, a motorcycle is a whole lot more useful during peak traffic hours, as one can weave through traffic while boasting of quick acceleration to capture those who are on the run. Five-O has introduced another benefit – which would be stealth, thanks to the efforts of Zero Motorcycles.

John Lloyd, Vice President of global sales, said, “After seeing the success the 2012 model had in the field, we decided to expand our 2013 police and security offerings. To have the support of so many different law enforcement agencies and security organizations is an incredible honor.” The most recent law-enforcement models will receive crash bars, the relevant number of lights, a Whelen siren, and of course, a shotgun rack. There will be other options such as hard cases, a detachable windscreen, and a quick-charge kit. Since these are electric motorcycles, they’re quiet, allowing the long arm of the law to be a whole lot more sneaky.

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