Tali Connected SP-1 Safety Beacon and companion mobile app, CES 2021 Innovation Award Honoree

Tali Connected is back at CES with the award-winning SP-1 Safety Beacon, a compact connected box for motorcycles that works with the Tali iT-C Smart Helmet, which won a CES 2020 Innovation Award.

iT-C helmet’s lighting system that synchronizes with the motorcycle’s signal codes (Turn Signals and Brake Light).

Dedicated to improving motorcyclists’ safety, the Tali iT-C Smart Helmet makes them more visible, thanks to its integrated lighting system that synchronizes with the motorcycle’s signal codes (Turn Signals and Brake Light).

By wearing the Tali helmet that connects to smartphones via Bluetooth, riders can use voice commands to place and answer phone calls, stream music, access navigation, and even use a virtual assistant (Siri, Google, and Alexa). Additionally, the photochromic visor improves rider visibility.

The SP-1 Safety Beacon is also a standalone device for bikers who want to access some of the Tali’s safety features without buying the iT-C Smart Helmet. Like the helmet, the safety beacon offers fall and accident detection via embedded sensors.
The SP-1 Safety Beacon can be installed under the saddle to provides anti-theft protection, trip statistics, and maintenance monitoring.

How Does the SP-1 Safety Beacon Work?

Anti-theft protection:

When suspicious movement is detected near the bike, the SP-1 triggers an alarm with a 100dB siren and alerts the user on the mobile app, either via text notification or call. Bikers can configure the alarm to only send notifications without activating the siren.

Fall or accident detection:
The embedded sensors both in the Smart Helmet and in the Safety Beacon can detect falls or accidents. Upon detecting a fall, the Tali Connected system automatically initiates an alert to the emergency services and triggers notifications to up to three relatives, as configured in the companion application.

Trip statistics:
The SP-1 monitors real-time positioning accurate to one meter, distance traveled, average and maximum speed, journey time, weather forecast, inclination angles, and lap times around the circuit. The statistics are sharable, and users decide who can see the data.

Maintenance monitoring
The Tali device sends notifications and reminders when critical maintenance tasks need to be done, such as oil changing every few thousand miles or checking the brakes’ condition every two weeks.

Both the SP-1 Safety Beacon and the iT-C Smart Helmet will be available to order via an upcoming crowdfunding campaign. The SP-1 Safety Beacon price is currently estimated at $299 (USD) / 259 euros (to be confirmed, stay tuned for updates).

A passionate motorcyclist, Issam Tali, Founder & President, Tali Connected, started the company in 2019 to reassure his wife, who was worried for his safety. Before founding Tali Connected, Issam Tali gained valuable experiences in business, coaching, training, project management, while holding leadership roles in operational positions in the distribution sector.

If you are registered at CES 2021, you can connect with Tali Connected and ask questions about the SP-1 to Issam Tali at the virtual CES 2021 booth here. 

Tali Connected is part of the French Tech delegation at CES 2021, you can check our coverage here and connect with the other French Tech startups here on the CES 2021 website (requires registration)

Tali Connected iT-C Smart Helmet – CES 2020 Innovation Award Honoree – will be part of the crowdfunding campaign with the SP-1 Safety beacon

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