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Tali Connected SP-1 Safety Beacon for MotorcyclistsEditor's Pick
Tali Connected is back at CES with the award-winning SP-1 Safety Beacon, a compact connected box for motorcycles that works with the Tali iT-C Smart Helmet, which won a CES 2020 Innovation Award.Dedicated to improving motorcyclists’ safety, the Tali iT-C Smart Helmet makes them more visible, thanks to its integrated lighting system that synchronizes with the motorcycle’s signal codes (Turn Signals and Brake Light).By wearing the Tali helmet that connects […]

SilentHawk Hybrid-Electric Military Motorcycle Could Be Something Out Of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Logos Technologies was on the receiving end of a Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) award from DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), where the money injected would be able to help them go ahead with the continued development of the SilentHawk military motorcycle, which is being worked on alongside its partner, California’s Alta Motors (formerly BRD).

This Motorcycle Helmet Features A Rearview Camera, Turn-By-Turn Directions
I don’t ride motorcycles, so I don’t have a clue what it’s like to wear a motorcycle helmet. One thing I do know is that it’s probably difficult to see what’s going on behind you while you’re riding, leaving you to need to glance at your side-view mirrors whenever you want to see how close someone is to the rear of your bike. Skully Helmets has unveiled a new helmet […]

Stuart Gunn Is World’s Fastest Blind And Disabled Biker With 167.1mph Record
I would not be too far off the mark to say that Stuart Gunn is the real world daredevil – he might not have Matt Murdock’s legal qualifications as well as enhanced senses, but this does not mean he lacks any cojones. No sir, Stuart Gunn is a sightless daredevil who has just achieved a new world record, hitting the 167mph mark on his motorcycle. Perhaps it is his inability […]


German Mechanic Builds Motorcycle With Airplane Engine
The roar of a motorcycle is something we’re sure Tim Allen loves to hear on a regular basis, and this motorcycle which features a 150hp Rotec Radial R3600 airplane engine will probably make him grunt uncontrollably, to the point where he may pass out from the sheer power of the motorcycle.The motorcycle was put together by German mechanic Frank Ohle over the course of 18 months, which we would guess took […]

Five-O Takes The Electric Motorcycle Route
A police officer on a high powered motorcycle is a deadly combination, even more so when the police officer is the T-1000 in disguise. Well, a motorcycle is a whole lot more useful during peak traffic hours, as one can weave through traffic while boasting of quick acceleration to capture those who are on the run. Five-O has introduced another benefit – which would be stealth, thanks to the efforts […]

TomTom Rider, A Motorcycle GPS Guidance System
TomTom has just launched their GPS for motorcycles named TomTom Rider. In a press release from Amsterdam, the company introduced design and features of the GPS device: “With TomTom Rider, bikers can not only choose where to go, but more importantly how they want to get there,” said Corinne Vigreux, Managing Director of TomTom Consumer. “We listened to feedback from motorbike communities to create a device that was customized for the way […]

Roskva electric motorcycle launched in Norway
The Roskva electric motorcycle is the brainchild of five engineering students from the University of Life Sciences in Oslo. The team wanted to a develop a bike that will feature a lightweight carbon fiber monocoque frame for its chassis. The electric motorcycle’s  wheels, single-sided swingarm, and drive-shaft were also made from carbon fiber to preserve its lightweight design. For the battery, the team chose to use lithium iron phosphate due […]

Moto Undone electric motorcycle looks uncomfortable to ride
It’s not every day you see an interesting motorcycle, but how about one that’s hard to see? A designer by the name of Joey Ruiter thought it would be a great idea to do so with his motorcycle project called Moto Undone. Stripping away everything but the bare essentials, leaving nothing behind but its wheels, engine and handlebars, he created an “invisible” motorcycle.By using reflective sheets of metal to house […]

Hyundai Concept Motorcycle
It’s amazing how the human body works, and how our muscles adapt to the situation in such slight and subtle ways that we don’t even notice. Now imagine if there was a motorcycle that was inspired by the human muscles in the way it rides, and that would be designer’s Min Seong Kim’s Hyundai Concept Motorcycle.

Moto-Grip keeps motorcycle passengers safe on rides
Motorcycles can be pretty dangerous vehicles, especially when there’s an additional passenger involved. Since they don’t have safety belts, the rear passenger has to find something to hold on to while the bike is moving, and it usually turns out to be the waist of the rider in front, or the tiny rear grab bar if the passenger isn’t very comfortable with the idea of holding the rider close.A product […]

BRD RedShift MX electric motorcycle
You have probably read to the death about electric cars, but what about the two-wheeled brethren known as motorcycles? That is what we’re looking at with the BRD RedShift MX electric motorcycle which is touted to deliver a performance equal to that of a 250cc dirt bike.The RedShift MX motocrosser and RedShift SM supermoto are the maiden models to roll off BRD – a San Francisco startup that came about […]

Uno III three-wheeled bike right out of Transformers movie
For those of you who gain your thrills from travelling around on two wheels at breakneck speeds, then chances are you would have a beast of a motorbike in your garage. How about trying something out different with the Uno III? This is a three-wheeled bike that can convert wherever you are, Transformers style, popping up a third wheel to surprise and impress onlookers.Powered by electricity, the Uno III can […]

Inflatable crash helmets stay hidden until needed
If you’ve ever disliked the idea of wearing helmets while biking because it messes with your hairdo – you’re not alone. Well, a Swedish design company named Hövding has come up with a special crash helmet that resembles nothing like a helmet – until activated. This will allow you to look as stylish as possible while riding a bike (you can simply cover the huge neck collar with some sort […]

Conquest wheelchair motorcycle
The Conquest wheelchair motorcycle is an interesting mode of transportation, where it will be powered by an 1170 CC BMW engine with six forward gears and reverse. Don’t laugh at this two-wheeled steed, it is full well capable of hitting 0-60 mph in just 7.6 seconds, maxing out at 105 mph. This bike is fully road tested and meets the US safety standards, and with a small engine like that […]

Concept: Two Motorcycles Combine To Become A Car
Can you afford to own a car, or motorbike, but not both at the same time? The Plug-in concept here seems rather interesting. Instead of having a normal car, there are two individual motorcycles that look sleek and stylish, and when you need a bigger vehicle, both can be combined together, giving you a car. Pretty neat, huh? Granted, you’ll need to own two bikes, but you and your friend […]

Solar Flyer Electric Bike
Richard Gryzch has had enough with heading off to the gas station whenever his bike’s fuel tank runs empty that he literally took things into his own hands and come up with the Solar Flyer – a solar-powered bike. This project took over two years to complete, and it is believed to be the first solar charged electric motorcycle in the world. Amazingly enough, it has a range of 50 […]