One of Apple’s “greatest hits”, so to speak, would be iTunes, where it has not only served up millions of songs, but it has also catered for video buffs, too. Thing is, there has been whispers concerning Apple working on a subscription-based model for a streaming music service for some years already, although nothing concrete has been seen in the market, mainly due to negotiations with major labels breaking down as everyone wants to walk away from the deal with the fattest possible profit.

Google, however, does seem to have plans of their own, where their Android unit has been talking to different music companies in order to begin a paid subscription music-streaming service that is somewhat similar to Spotify, or at least according to the folks over at the Wall Street Journal. It seems that YouTube, also part of Google’s vast empire, is working on obtaining licenses from music labels so that they too, are able to begin a paid subscription service for music videos with the potential for audio-only songs in the pipeline.

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