If you’re the kind of person who relies on RSS feeds in order to stay informed on what multiple websites are writing, then you may have used Google Reader in the past. Google Reader is Google’s online RSS feed-reading service, which according to a large amount of people, has been acting wonky all day with the company yet to acknowledge the issue to offer some input on what exactly is going on.

A number of Google Reader users have taken to Google’s Product Forums under the “Something is Broken!” category to share their ongoing experience with Google Reader. The most common issue seems to be read posts showing up as unread, subscriptions disappearing and an inflated amount of unread counts.

As of now, a customer care representative has chimed in to inform users the “Google Reader team has been notified and someone will be looking into this.”

Are you one of the poor folks who have had their Google Reader service act weird today? Let us know in the comments section exactly what you’re experiencing.

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