According to an “extremely reliable source” from 9to5 Google, they claim that Google will be launching their own retail stores across metropolitan areas in the United States ahead of the holidays this year. Unsurprisingly the source claims that these stores will be used to show off Google’s own brand of products, such as the Nexus lineup of Android smartphones and tablets, as well as Chromebooks running Google’s Chrome OS. Google has yet to comment on these rumors, but considering that they already have their own online store, we wouldn’t be surprised if they decided that going brick-and-mortar would be the next thing to do. At the moment as far as Android stores are concerned, customers looking to explore Android devices will have to visit their local phone retailers or carriers, although in some cases, Android-dedicated stores have been opened where only Android devices are put on display. Either way we’ll be taking this with a grain of salt for now, but what do you guys think about the idea of Google opening their own retail store?

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