Huawei logoHuawei is a rising star in the world of smartphones and phablets, and it seems that they are not too content to remain where they are, with plans for something more adventurous down the road. It is said that Huawei’s CEO of Consumer Products, Richard Yu, did suggest that Huawei could eventually introduce its own pair of advanced glasses in the coming five to ten years’ time. That would clearly peg them far behind Google’s Project Glass that is very, very close to a commercial release already.

According to Richard Yu, “We are doing a lot of research and we are doing a lot of development in our labs. I wish we could show you what we are working on for over the next five to ten years, including glasses.” Other than that rather strong hint, there were no other details concerning the augmented reality optimized eyewear, other than the intention to turn dreams into possibilities. Do you think Huawei will be able to succeed?

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