The Kids Lock feature on Hulu for Android has been implemented for a long time already, so it goes without saying that logic dictates that Hulu’s Kids Lock feature too, will arrive on the iOS platform – or at least, on the iPad. You can deduce as much that Kids Lock intends to protect the young minds from untoward influences of media content on your iPad via Hulu, and in order to make the operations a whole lot easier, Hulu Kids Lock will arrive as a virtual button on the app, so that parents or the guardian of the child will be able to secure their little tots within the Hulu Kids experience.

Of course, when an adult takes over the iPad and wants to watch other more mature rated shows on the iPad via Hulu, the entire process is as simple as entering the account password, and you’re good to go. Other than Kids Lock, v2.7 of Hulu for iOS does not introduce any more new elements other than a handful of bugs that are being fixed, with several backend enhancements introduced to make Hulu’s iOS application a more stable experience.

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