If you’re a U.S. citizen and you’ve unlocked your cell phone after January 26 , you should be aware that you’re a criminal in the eyes of the government and you should expect Uncle Sam to be kicking in your door to take you away any day now.

U.S. citizens who prefer to have the choice of whether or not they can unlock their devices have taken to the White House’s petition site, which just today hit 100,000. The purpose of the petition is to make it legal again for smartphone owners to be able to unlock their devices in order to use their phone on any network they choose.

With the petition reaching 100,000 signatures, this means it has earned an official response from the White House, which we’re sure petition signers are hoping it will be in favor of making it legal to unlock smartphones once again. If not, then there’s always that Kickstarter project to create a death star to possibly help persuade the U.S. government.

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