King Jim has just unleashed its Pomera DM25 digital memo pad, and do bear in mind that this is by no means a computer despite looking like a portable version of it, but rather, it is a digital version of a compact paper notebook. Yes sir, the normal paper notebook that you doodle and scribble in? It is now available with a tech upgrade, sporting a full-sized keyboard to boot, targeting folks who like nothing better than to hammer out their thoughts which work far faster than writing, although that would mean lacking a more “personal touch”, so to speak. When you are done with your note taking session, all you need to do is fold the Pomera DM25 and you’re good to go, slipping it into your coat pocket or handbag without adding too much bulk.

It is definitely a few rungs below a standard issue tablet of today, but at least it has more functionality compared to a regular paper notepad. All your notes will be saved onto an SD memory card, or you can opt to transfer it to a USB flash drive if you so desire. The Pomera DM25 comes with 105MB of internal memory and has a 5” monochrome TFT LCD display at VGA resolution, running on a pair of AAA batteries.

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