If there’s anything you should hate more than anything in the world, the cream filling inside of an Oreo cookie might be extremely low on the majority of people’s lists. But artist and inventor David Neevel absolutely, positively hates the cream in Oreo cookies. Instead of completely avoiding the cream-filled treat, he decided to create a machine that can remove the part of the Oreo he dislikes the most.

In a short video commissioned by Nabisco, Neevel shows off his Oreo Separator Machine, or OSM as he likes to call it. His monstrous creation if a combination of scrap aluminum, wood, a hatchet and floss that was built in his Portland, Oregon garage.

Building the machine took a lot of sacrifice from Neevel as he says the contraption took about two weeks to build. “It was a big time commitment,” he said. “I had to work some long hours. I didn’t see my girlfriend or my dog for hours at a time.” Neevel also said it was rather difficult for him to find a good sandwich shop in that part of time, something all sandwich lovers could easily relate to.

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