Gone are the days where solving a Rubik’s cube in under a minute is considered an achievement. The students at the Swinburne University of Technology have created a robot that can do it in seconds – less than 11 seconds in fact. Called Ruby, the puzzle solving machine managed to solve a randomized cube, including the time it took to scan the toy, in just a little over 10 seconds: 10.69 seconds to be exact.

The robot uses a web cam to scan the scrambled cube, and then uses a software algorithm to figure out what moves it needs to make in order to solve it. While the robot still hasn’t beaten the world’s fastest human yet (6.24 seconds by Feliks Zemdegs), it has blazed past the current machine record holder of 18.2 seconds. The robot will be on show at Swinburne’s Open Day on August 21, to give the public a live demonstration of its cube solving abilities. Hit the break to watch Ruby solving a cube in 10.18 seconds:

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