If you enjoyed Nabisco’s first video where David Neevel took his disgust of the cream part of the Oreo to a new level by building a machine that specifically removed the cream filling, then you’ll probably be happy to hear another video has been published.

The latest Oreo-related video highlights a machine built by Barry Kudrowitz and Bill Fienup who work as toy scientists in Minnesota. Unlike Neevel’s machine which completely eradicated the Oreo’s cream filling, their machine allows for both cookie and cream lovers to coexist, and in a way, help one another.

The way the Kudrowitz and Fienup machine works is by loading an Oreo cookie into its tray, where a small plastic piece is used to push the top cookie into the subject’s mouth. The cream is left exposed, which the machine proceeds to heat up the cookie and blast the liquified cream into the cream-lover’s mouth. The final step ejects the cookie, to which the cookie-lover proceeds to eat it.

The Oreo cookie separator machine isn’t as hardcore as Neevel’s contraption, but if it means both cream and cookie lovers can coexist, then we guess it actually might be a better machine in that sense.

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