The 1080p display has excellent color rendering

Microsoft’s Surface Pro is a beautiful device on its own, but it is not going to break new ground into the duopoly of tablets that are currently being slugged out by Apple’s iOS as well as Google’s Android operating systems. Having said that, for those of you who have decided to throw your lot behind the Microsoft Surface Pro, you might have realized that the included pressure sensitive stylus does not really work all that well – for select users, of course.

It seems that a small band of Surface Pro users have discovered to their horror that the stylus itself is non-functional after a while. Statistics dictate that this could very well be an odd anomaly, but Microsoft is not going to cut corners and will look into the matter. So far, only a few reports in the Microsoft Answers forums have been posted, but nobody has managed to figure out a fix or the cause behind this issue. Alas, the traditional method of uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers result in a temporary fix, only. Hopefully an upcoming update might be able to ensure that such stylus woes are no more.

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