You just got to love the folks over at iFixit as they definitely have done a pretty bang up job all this while in terms of taking a particular device apart, bit by bit. Or at least, they do try their level best to, resulting in interesting statistics and ratings such as a “repairability” score. Well, their latest “victim” to be wheeled onto their workbench would be the Microsoft Surface Pro, we are sad to bring Microsoft fanboys word that their beloved Surface Pro has a rating of 1/10 in repairability. Hmmm, this does not sound too good for folks who love to roll up their sleeves and get down and dirty with things, right?

Do take into consideration that teardowns offer one the chance to check out the insides of a device, and should never be taken as seriously as official disassembly instructions. All that you do to tear down your Surface Pro would most probably void the warranty, so unless you have the curiosity level that can kill a cat, seeing it done safely from a distance ought to do the trick for most.

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