Qualcomm has announced the Snapdragon 200 and 400 series aimed at the lower-end market. This extends the new processor list for 2013 which now looks like this: the Snapdragon 200, 400, 600, 800. the 200 and 400 chipsets have been designed for  entry level devices. While the Snapdragon 800 and 600 processors are meant for high end smartphones. The newly announced Snapdragon processors are designed to provide better battery life, good performance performance and connectivity. Introduction of the new 200 and 400 chips aim that lowering the production cost of Android phones without compromising on the user experience for that price range.

The 200 series features four ARM Cortex A5 CPU Cores, with speeds of 1.4GHz. It also supports 8 Megapixel cameras, GPS and as said earlier, will provide better battery life because the Cortex A5 core is more nimble than other cores (like the Cortex A9 or A15) used in smartphones today. Snapdragon 200 will also support HD video play back and multi-SIM capacity, which is particularly popular in Asia.

The 400 series chipset comes in two possible configurations: one with dual Krait cores (an improved Arm Cortex A9) at 1.7GHz or a quad Cortex A7 setup at 1.4GHz. Also included will be a Adreno 305 GPU (graphics processor) for 3D gaming. Finally, it will support up to a 13.5MP camera, and more.

Qualcomm has also announced that there are already 55 Snapdragon 800-powered devices being developed and that the devices should be seen in stores by the second half of 2013. However we do not yet know what devices the Snapdragon 200 and 400 will power.

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