For those who have taken exams with multiple choices, one of the “official” ways of taking it would be by coloring in circles with a 2B pencil. Your answers would then be fed into a computer which will then determine if you circled the correct choice. However thanks to the advancement of technology such as smartphones which can double up as scanners using its camera, a teacher by the name of Walter O. Duncan IV has created an app called Quick Key (via TechCrunch). Basically what this app does is that it uses your smartphone’s camera to scan a Scantron page in which the results are returned almost instantly, thanks to the phone’s camera and a QR code on the page.


Not only does the app allow for quick scanning and grading, but it will also help aggregate the scores and upload it into an electronic grade system. As Duncan has put it, this app will save teachers a lot of time grading papers, but will also save time from having to upload the marks into the system. Imagine being able to complete a test in class and getting your results back within minutes, and having it stored in the system as well. The app has been met with great interest and Duncan has managed to raise close to $100,000 to help with the development of the app and bring on beta testers. If you’d like to see Quick Key in action, check it out in the video above.

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