When it comes to highly affordable HDTVs that offer a fair amount of functionality, the name Sceptre would definitely come into mind. Well, the Sceptre 32-inch LED HDTV (which should be the entry level HDTV for anyone who wants their home to look modern) is now proud to support MHL technology. Wait a minute here, you say, just what the heck is MHL technology? No, it has nothing to do with hockey leagues, but it enables mobile phones and other portable devices to hook up connect to high-definition televisions and displays.

Sceptre’s offering in the form of their 32-inch LED HDTV with MHL technology will be the first of what seems to be many HDTVs from their stable that will enable home users to make use of their big screen TV as a display, or heck, how about turning it into a speaker for your smartphone or portable devices? Apart from that, the HDTV’s remote can even control the connected device, now how about that?

You can pick up the new Sceptre 32-inch LED HDTV with MHL technology for $599.99 a pop, making it pricier than a standard issue 32-inch HDTV, but think of the advantages that MHL technology carries.

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