Smart cars, smart homes, smartphones, everything seems to be getting a brain these days while humanity begins their long journey in being dumbed down. Well, Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology has something interesting up their sleeves, which would come in the form of a stick-on film which is capable of transforming glass into a smart window, which will also do its bit in reducing the air conditioning load through the reflection of sunlight.


If you have flown on the grounded Boeing 787 Dreamliner before, you would have found its electrochromic dimming system useful, as passengers at the window seat are able to make windows on the aircraft more or less opaque with but a single touch of a button, taking around half a minute to change. Japan’s AIST claims that their new stick-on window film is capable of transforming from reflective to see-through in a mere 5 seconds, now how about that? This switchable mirror device will change its state whenever a low voltage is applied. Smart windows in cars, now this is what we’re talking about where the future is concerned.

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