Just how much money are you willing to be paid to stop using Facebook altogether? Well, Paul Baier’s daughter was offered $200 (to be paid out in stages) to quit Facebook, and surprisingly, she said “Okay” to that deal, and will receive $50 this coming April, with the remaining $150 on June 26th. Why June 26th? Well, that particular date would mean the end of the school year, which translates to an entire five months of life without Facebook.


Just before you wonder whether Paul is being too harsh on his daughter, it was actually her idea to quit Facebook. Paul said, “She turns it on, she’ll have 30 to 40 — 50 little alerts things popping up too. She’s frustrated she can’t find babysitting jobs and she said, ‘Dad, would you pay me to get off Facebook?’ I thought she was joking.”

I guess this is where the wheat is separate from the chaff, considering how she’s an honors student. I’m also quite sure that there are other honors students out there who can still maintain a balance between Facebook and life, but to each his or her own, eh?

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