Under Armour Inc. is all poised to launch its new performance activity monitoring equipment under the brand Armour39 TM in March 2013. The system consists of a chest strap equipped with sensors and sends data to an app on the user’s phone. Optionally consumers have a choice of buying a watch that shows the same information. Armour 39 calculates “Willpower” which means that the system measures heart rate, calories burned, and intensity and then using an algorithm, gives a score in the range of 0 to 10.

Under Armour has been in the performance monitoring industry since 2011, when it first launched Under Armour E39. This system was widely used at the 2011 NFL scouting combine. Now Under Armour is getting into the ring with competitors such as Nike, FitBit and JawBone.  Nike’s FuelBand is perhaps the toughest in the competition, since Nike has been producing performance monitoring equipment since 2006, when it partnered with Apple and sold the Nike and Ipod Sport Kit.

The price of Armour39 is set to $ 149.99, and the watch can be purchased for an additional $199.99. What is yet to be seen is if Under Armour can get a sizeable share in the pie of performance monitoring equipment.  [Press Release]

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