If you happen to be an owner of one of these new fangled Windows Phone 8 devices, then listen up! It does not matter if you are jiving to Nokia’s Lumia series or the HTC Windows Phone 8X, either way, you can hook it up to a computer that runs on Windows 8 or Windows RT, thanks to the official Windows Phone app for Windows 8 which was recently updated in the Windows Store.


This update will throw in a bunch of new features that ought to come in handy for Windows Phone 8 owners. This updated app will enable users to hook up a Windows Phone 8 smartphone to a PC, letting you transfer various items such as new playlists as well as ringtones from the Windows 8 or Windows RT PC over to the smartphone. Other than that, the recently updated app will pave the way for users to check out any videos which were recorded using a Windows Phone 8 product straight on the app itself. If you have not yet updated your app, what are you waiting for?

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