One look at the Xkuty, and you might be fooled into thinking that this is an electric bicycle. After all, consider the fact that it tips the scales at 45kg, with an overall shape that looks like that of a bicycle, why not call it a bicycle? The Xkuty is more of a scooter instead when you consider the fact that it does not come with any pedals, sporting a distinctive design from Spain. In fact, the creators of the Xkuty intend to underline the fact that it is more or less dummy-proof, since it ships without the need for an instruction manual, where all you are required to do is press a single button that is located on the right handlebar in order to start it up.

The Xkuty emits just an average of 5dB of sound as claimed, which would make it deadly quiet, not to mention sporting a 1,500-W motor that allows it to chug along at a top speed of 45kmh, running on a couple of dual lithium batteries that is good for a range of up to 50km. So far, the Xkuty has been targeted to retail for €2,314, which is rather pricey if you want to get around without having to break a sweat while looking cool.

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