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Apple Metal Graphics API, To Boost iOS Game Performance
During the WWDC Keynote, Apple has announced a new graphics Application Programming Interface (API) for game developers called Metal. The name is a reference to the low-level (close to the hardware, or “close to the metal”) of the API, which has been designed to address inherent inefficiencies of OpenGL, the current 3D graphics API for games. OpenGL has been around for decades, and although OpenGL ES for mobiles has been optimized […]

DevCon5 Developers & Designers conference - NYC July 24-25
Participate in DevCon5 and learn how to harness the power of HTML5 to create and enable exciting and interactive websites and mobile apps. Attention Ubergizmo Readers: Register TODAY and Save 20% off current rates. Use code UBZ. DevCon5 is an HTML5 Developer and Mobile Applications Conference for web developers, designers, architects, technology leaders and business strategists. Learn how to harness the power of HTML5 to create dynamic user experiences, optimize graphics […]

Bing Platform Shifts The Search War To Apps
Earlier today, Microsoft’s Bing team has presented their latest developer tools at the BUILD conference which brings the Microsoft development community together for a few days in San Francisco. In the “demo app”, Bing engineers showed how developers could use new Bing application programming interfaces (APIs) to mine into Bing’s Translation services, Web Index and Relevance information, access Entities and Knowledge that relates to a search request, use new user […]

App Camp For Girls Exceeds Funding Goal, With Time Left To Gather More Support
App Camp For Girls is a non-profit organization with the goal of raising interest and awareness for software development to girls and women. The organization is currently based in Portland, but co-founder Jean MacDonald hopes that with this  funding round they will be able to 1/ prove that the concept works 2/ expand outside of Portland.As a former developer, I’ve worked with a small number of talented female engineers but […]


Google Maps Engine API Launched
Google just announced the release of their Maps Engine API, a service that allows customers to build, store and distribute their own maps and associated data in a public or private way. Google Maps Engine was formerly called “Earth Builder”. Today’s announcement concerns the application programming interface (API) which is necessary for creating massive projects programmatically, and for integrating the data back into client or web application.

Sony XPERIA Z Tablet With Stock Android And Unlocked, For Development
The Sony XPERIA Z Tablet is going to hit U.S shores by month’s end, but Sony has just announced that its flagship tablet could be unlocked and loaded with a stock Android OS for developers who want to take the stop to unlock and flash the tablet. Previously, Sony had done the same thing with its XPERIA Z smartphone, and it is only logical that the  XPERIA Z Tablet gets […]

Android Developers Get Awesome Tools
At Google I/O 2013, Google has announced an updated set of tools that I find particularly interesting. First, there the new Android Studio IDE (integrated development environment) which makes Android development more agreeable and also more productive by showing a lot of previews in multiple device formats, multiple languages etc. This basically allows developers to spend less time going back and forth to check on small details. In the near […]

Activision Shows Next-Gen Tech At GDC With Impressive Visuals
The next-generation of video game consoles will usher in some amazing visuals, which we already caught a glimpse of during Sony’s PlayStation 4 unveiling. Activision’s R&D department took center stage yesterday during the company’s GDC panel called “next-generation character rendering,” which after you see their tech demo, will have you wondering if it’s creepy or super awesome.The real-time character demo is a 2-minute long video that highlights a number of amazing […]

Steve Balmer rally developers around Windows 8 at BUILD
This week, Microsoft is holding its BUILD developer conference. Steve Balmer (Microsoft’s CEO) went on stage to demonstrate himself what Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 were about. He did a really good job rallying the Windows 8 developers (arguably a crowd already converted here) and the crowd went away energized and enthusiastic. The top devices were shown, including the Microsoft Surface RT which had the biggest round of applause […]

Amazon GameCircle Gives Developers Access to Amazon Customers and New APIs
Amazon just launched GameCircle, a new service for game developers that gives some social abilities to games via leaderboards which keep tabs with everyone’s scores and makes things a little more competitive. On an individual basis, GameCircle will also track players accomplishments to keep them engaged with the game so they come back and play… one more time.Finally, it introduces a sync mechanism so that games can synchronize the current […]

Qualcomm pitches Snapdragon S4 and S4 Pro to developers at Uplinq
Today is rich in development news with Google IO (San Francisco) and Uplinq (San Diego) happening at the same time in California. Both overlap on the Android front, but Qualcomm had a message of its own to developers who attended the company’s Uplinq conference in San Diego: “Snapdragon is the processor of choice for developers” – that’s basically what Qualcomm’s CEO Dr. Paul Jacobs was going for. Qualcomm had some […]

Apple Siri Request Sent From Non-iPhone 4S devices
An developer has reverse-engineered how the iPhone 4S talks to the Siri servers, and has successfully sent requests from a non-iPhone device. In case you don’t know, Siri works by using a three-steps methods: 1/voice recording (on the phone) 2/voice recognition (on a server) 3/ taking action (on the phone).Because the smartness is on a web server, requests could be sent from any web-enabled device. Of course, we’ve known all […]

NVIDIA Developer Program for Windows 8
NVIDIA Developer Program - NVIDIA has announced that it is starting its Windows 8 Developer Program which will include (free?) Windows 8 developer tools for ARM and Intel X86 architectures

Diffbot API uses visual learning to parse web content
Diffbot making its visual learning application programming interface (API) available to developers who want to create apps that need to understand the structure of web pages in an efficient way. Traditionally, developers who wanted to understand a web page would start by looking at its code. From there, many algorithms can be used to extract information like an article content, an author name etc… However, because each page’s HTML code […]