A clip allegedly showing a low resolution version of a promotional video for Google Now on iPhone and iPad has been floating around the internet. It features the same voice actress as the original Google Now announcement. From what could be seen, it seems that Google Now will be accessible in an upcoming iOS app introduction by swiping up from the main screen. The authenticity of the clip has not been ascertained, it could possibly be just an impressive fake. For now, Google is silent on this matter.

Google Now was released about 7 months ago to Android’s Jelly Bean as a virtual assistant not unlike a distant cousin of Apple’s Siri. As Google’s apps rarely stay on a single platform, it should just be a matter of time before we will see Google Now on iOS as an alternative, or a complement, to Siri.

While iOS users may be excited about this announcement, the OEMs of Android based phones may not be so. Bringing Google Now to iOS platform would further reduce the gap between iOS and Android devices, calling for even stiffer competition. However, this strategy makes plenty of sense to Google as it generates its revenues mainly through ads. By porting Google Now to iOS, it will have access to a much larger pool of users which will attract more advertisers. Watch the clip on Viddler

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