att-obsceneIf you think that having so many passwords to remember is a bane to your mind these days, how about choosing one that has some obscene words thrown into the mix? That ought to make life easier for those brain cells of yours, no? Apparently, the folks over at AT&T do not think so, as the company has already stepped forward to ban what they deem as “obscene language” from proliferating their database of user passwords. Of course, it remains to be seen just what falls under the category of “obscene language” for the folks over at AT&T, but I think we can pretty much warrant a few surefire guesses without being too far off the mark, no?

There is the question of why should such a policy exist in the first place? Considering how no one should know of your AT&T password, why should not a few naughty words get slipped in along the way? After, it sure beats regular password fillers such as your family name, your birthday, your anniversary, or heck, the good old standby, “password’. What do you think of this new policy from AT&T?

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